Corporate Characteristics

Satisfy customer needs to the greatest extent possible

SD Capital, established in 2020, is a Japanese company under the Malaysian RT Groups, specializing in overseas real estate business, investment acquisition, real estate funds, and hotel property management. The group headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, while the SDC operations headquarters is in Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan.

Corporate Characteristics

Brand characteristics are our core competitiveness

As a fast-growing innovative enterprise, SD Capital is well-known in the industry for its diversified business. In addition to real estate development, it also involves hotel brand operations, proprietary fund business and visa affairs.

SD Capital will continue to focus on the development of the overseas real estate market, starting with Japan, to provide reliable real estate investments and professional services to our clients. Whether seeking investment opportunities, planning investment portfolios, or engaging in real estate development and management, we will provide full support and solutions. We eagerly look forward to collaborating with you to achieve investment success and financial goals. Whether you are looking for investment opportunities or need professional real estate consultation, SD Capital will be your reliable partner.


Business Diversification

SD Capital is renowned in the industry for its diversified business. Investment acquisition is its main business, and it also involves hotel brand operations and self-operated fund business. This integrated business layout allows SD Capital to maximize meeting customer and investor needs while reducing costs, thereby increasing investor returns.


Customized Services

SD Capital is committed to providing the best and most appropriate services for customers. Whether it is land investment and development, hotel operation services, or self-operated funds, SD Capital’s professional team can offer expert advice and support tailored to investors' needs. Understanding customer requirements and goals, SD Capital customizes investment plans to ensure that customer expectations are met.


Emphasis on Stability and Safety

In project development and hotel operation services, SD Capital highly values the stability and safety of investor returns. All projects are carried out with professionals in related fields to ensure stable and legally protected investor returns.


Professional Team and Services

SD Capital has an experienced, high-quality team, including senior real estate development teams, multiple cross-border investment consultants, former senior hotel management executives, and multiple national lawyers and tax consultants. Team members possess extensive industry knowledge and professional skills, providing clients with comprehensive solutions and personalized services.


Corporate Culture and Values

SD Capital’s core values are integrity and professional service. The team firmly believes that through professional and honest service, we can continuously meet investors' needs and expectations.

Comprehensive support and solutions

We will wholeheartedly provide you with comprehensive support and solutions. We look forward to working with you to achieve investment success and financial goals together. Whether you are looking for investment opportunities or need professional real estate consulting, SD Capital will be your reliable partner.

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