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SD Capital, established in 2020, is a Japanese company under the Malaysian RT Groups, specializing in overseas real estate business, investment acquisition, real estate funds, and hotel property management. The group headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, while the SDC operations headquarters is in Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan.

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Corporate Characteristics

SD Capital, as a rapidly growing innovative company, has several unique characteristics:

All-round services help customers formulate reasonable investment strategies and plans

01. Investment Acquisition

One of SD Capital's main businesses is investment acquisition. In 2022, SD Capital made Japan its first investment destination with a total investment of 160 million RMB. The team has precise market insight, capable of accurately judging market trends to find potential investment projects.

02. Profit Distribution

SD Capital distributes economic profits obtained from business operations to investors in a certain ratio and manner. Our team has solid professional knowledge, excellent financial management, and planning capabilities, enabling accurate calculation and decision-making for profit distribution. We prioritize the stability and safety of investor returns in our investment services, with all profit distributions conducted with professionals in related fields to ensure fairness and transparency, protecting the continuous stability of investor returns legally.

03.Real Estate Fund

In 2024, SD Capital officially cooperated with a Singaporean fund company to establish its own real estate fund, offering investors a profit model different from traditional real estate investments. This lowers the investment threshold, providing comprehensive investment opportunities and choices in real estate for investors, aiming to allow small and medium investors to achieve long-term, stable, and safe capital growth with a lower threshold.

04.Development Consultancy

SD Capital, as an integrated enterprise, has a professional development consultancy team. Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and practical experience in the overseas real estate industry, providing clients with the most professional investment advice. The professional development consultancy team can provide you with comprehensive support and guidance.

05.Hotel and Guesthouse Operations

As an integrated enterprise, hotel and guesthouse operations management is also one of SD Capital’s main businesses. The team has extensive operational management experience, aiming to build a corporate service brand and provide investors with safe and reliable investment opportunities.

Company History


SD Capital

Establishment of RTi (predecessor of SDC) and acquisition of RTi Tennoji (land) & SDC Namba (land).


SDC Group's first project landed

Successfully commissioned renowned Kansai architect (Seiwa Construction) for the group’s first project, completed on schedule in the third quarter of 2022.


SDC acquires land for multiple projects

Continued expansion in Japan, acquiring land for future development with a total investment amounting to 160 million RMB within just three years.


SDC headquarters established

Upgraded services and team, established SDC Namba as a self-owned building and set it as the Japanese business headquarters.


SDC establishes its first fund

Completed structural reorganization, acquired a hotel management team, and upgraded services. Additionally, collaborated with a Singaporean fund company to establish SDC's first fund, beginning comprehensive acquisition operations.

Fund Investment Advantages

SD Capital's real estate funds can achieve good investment returns and excellent investment experience for individual investors or institutional investors.

The fund established by SD Capital allows investors to participate in the real estate market with relatively small investments, giving more investors the opportunity to enter the real estate market. Real estate funds also offer stability and long-term growth potential. The real estate market is generally stable, with rental income and capital appreciation providing stable returns for investors.

Fund Investment Advantages

01. Low Risk

Real estate is generally considered a stable investment type. Compared to stocks and other investment tools, real estate prices are less volatile.

Fund Investment Advantages

02. Diversified Investment

By investing in small shares of real estate funds, investors can spread risk across multiple properties, avoiding the risk of putting all funds into a single property and lowering the risk associated with any single property.

Fund Investment Advantages

03. Simple Management

Investors do not need to be directly involved in the daily management and maintenance of properties. Management tasks can be entrusted to SD Capital's professional operations management department, ensuring properties are professionally managed.

Fund Investment Advantages

04.Stable Returns

The generally stable real estate market provides rental income and capital appreciation, offering stable returns for investors.