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SD Capital will provide customers with reliable real estate investment and professional services. Whether it is looking for investment opportunities, planning investment portfolios or conducting real estate development and management, we will wholeheartedly provide you with a full range of support and solutions.


We are committed to providing customers with a full range of real estate solutions, covering real estate sales, project development, development consultancy, hotel and B&B operations, and Japanese business management visa services.


Investment Acquisition

One of SD Capital's main businesses is investment acquisition. In 2022, SD Capital made Japan its first investment destination with a total investment of 160 million RMB. The team has precise market insight, capable of accurately judging market trends to find potential investment projects. During the project development stage, they efficiently manage project progress to ensure it proceeds as planned. They also perform accurate analysis of investment returns to ensure financial feasibility, strictly control project quality, and effectively enhance investment returns. The team can better control the business model and strategic direction of self-owned land, providing greater flexibility for future company development and expansion to achieve optimal development results.


Profit Distribution

SD Capital distributes economic profits obtained from business operations to investors in a certain ratio and manner. Our team has solid professional knowledge, excellent financial management, and planning capabilities, enabling accurate calculation and decision-making for profit distribution. We prioritize the stability and safety of investor returns in our investment services, with all profit distributions conducted with professionals in related fields to ensure fairness and transparency, protecting the continuous stability of investor returns legally.


Real Estate Fund

In 2024, SD Capital officially cooperated with a Singaporean fund company to establish its own real estate fund, offering investors a profit model different from traditional real estate investments. This lowers the investment threshold, providing comprehensive investment opportunities and choices in real estate for investors, aiming to allow small and medium investors to achieve long-term, stable, and safe capital growth with a lower threshold. SD Capital’s professional team, with rich market experience and expertise, uses methods based on in-depth market research and investment analysis to select potential and value-added real estate projects for investment. Combining projects with its own fund ensures investment stability and value-added potential, offering sustainable investment returns and achieving common prosperity.


Development Consultancy

SD Capital, as an integrated enterprise, has a professional development consultancy team. Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and practical experience in the overseas real estate industry, providing clients with the most professional investment advice. The professional development consultancy team can provide you with comprehensive support and guidance. Whether you are developing a new hotel project or renovating an existing guesthouse, we can tailor investment plans for you. By working closely with clients, understanding their needs and goals, and leveraging our expertise and experience, we create the best investment strategies and plans.

The team's goal is to help clients achieve their investment goals and ensure project success. The consultancy team provides detailed market analysis and research to help clients understand market demand and competition. We assist in financial planning and budget control to ensure project feasibility and profitability. Whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced investor, the consultancy team will provide first-class service and professional support according to your needs. No matter what challenges you face, we will work with you to provide the best advice and assistance.


Hotel and Guesthouse Operations

As an integrated enterprise, hotel and guesthouse operations management is also one of SD Capital’s main businesses. The team has extensive operational management experience, aiming to build a corporate service brand and provide investors with safe and reliable investment opportunities. The operations management team delves into all aspects of hotel and guesthouse operations, with meticulous management ensuring that guests' needs are met and providing high-quality accommodation experiences. The team stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices to offer the most advanced services and management to guests. SD Capital team members are highly responsible and dedicated, committed to creating value for clients and investors. We establish long-term, stable partnerships with investors to ensure the successful operation and growth of projects, creating lasting stable value for investors.

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SD Capital's services are based on the law and are provided by professionals and lawyers to ensure integrity and establish long-term, stable and reliable relationships with clients. Our professional team constantly updates field knowledge and tracks the latest industry trends to innovate investment methods and maintain industry leadership. At the same time, we continue to innovate service methods to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

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